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Can Strangers Really Become Friends?

Do you remember what it was like before the Internet existed? If you were born in the 90’s,it is not very likely. For those who can recall those days, the next door neighbors were yourfriends. You could count on “Bob” or “Susan” to come over and talk about their kids, theirflowers, their new boat or whatever else they had on their mind.

Then the Internet Came …

Chat rooms and messaging apps began to spring up left-and-right. If you did not have a chat account, something was wrong with you. Chat rooms were created for just about anyinterest you could think of. There were chat rooms for those “Looking for Love”, for those“Dazed and Confused” and even for “Pot Smokers”. There really was not a limit to what youcould find in a chat room. However, chat rooms are now considered “back in the day”speeches … or are they?

The Beauty of Randomness

Now, there is a new type of site springing to life on the internet, it is referred to as SpinCamChat. The idea and premise is fairly simple. You log on to the site and start searching for another user. After a few seconds, you are connected with a user who meets your basic criteria. Once connected, it is up to you to engage the user and see if there is anything there. You might be asking, “but what if I don’t like them or find them interesting”? Then search again and SpinCamChat will find another webcam chat user to match you up with. Keep randomly searching until you find something that tickles your fancy.

How Difficult is SpinCamChat to Use?

Using the site is extremely simple. All you need to get started is a web cam, a microphone and an internet connection. SpinCamChat is built on a cam to cam system which attaches users (using web cams) to each other.
Once you are on the site you answer two simple questions:

1.I Am A

2.I Want To Chat With

That is all you have to do in order to get started with SpinCamChat. You do not have to sign-up or provide details about yourself. You do not have to worry about receiving thousands of unwanted emails like with other sites. Your personal details stay as personal as you wantthem to. This is not like Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. Instead of posting what you like and waiting for feedback, you can interact with strangers (your friends) and get immediate feedback. Sure, you can stick to the “safe” methods for finding new friends or you can “roll the dice” so to speak and see who else is really out there.

Are There Other Systems Like This?

Yes, there are other systems that are similarly designed on a cam to cam system. The site that mimics SpinCamChat the most is Chatroulette. The name should be a dead giveaway. Roulette is a game of chances. Chatroulette requires you to sign up with them before youcan use them, so before you have even started you are already giving away your personal information. SpinCamChat is much safer in that you do not have to give away any information to use the site. Of course, you should always proceed with caution. Pay attention to the information you share about yourself and/or others whenever using any type of social media site such as SpinCamChat.

The Bottom Line

SpinCamChat is a new, unique way to find and interact with new people. Sure, you can Facebook, but are you really “face” booking? With just a web cam, a microphone and an Internet connection you can find some exciting new friends that you never knew existed …heck, maybe even your friends did not know about them (kind of blows the idea of “facebooking” out the window). SpinCamChat is truly superior to all the other social networks in that you can constantly find new people who you enjoy being friends with … youcan really turn strangers into friends.

SpinCamChat.com chatroom is a way better than any other random webcam chat for free.

Spincamchat.com is a video chat that pairs you with a complete new people for you to interact with. Online chat is always will be different.

As you go to a chatroom, your fantasy is to find attractive people to interact with. SpinCamChat is the best online chat for this : people use a video camera, therefore you can judge from what you see in a second. If you would like to meet a new person again in the video chat, simply press “Next” again then you can talk to another random people video chat for free.

Because the new person you meet can be cool, awesome, funky, nice, crazy, maniac masturbator, weed smoker, socially inept guys and girls, you can get lots of different experiences. Going to SpinCamChat is never the same, video chat it will be extraordinary and based on your luck in the cam to cam. This is why this type of webcam chat is also called a stranger cam chat, cam to cam chat or a random webcam chat. Thats why online chat is fun all the time.

When you want to have a more better experience on SpinCamChat and chat with funnier people in the chatroom, we advize you while online chat :

1 – Your webcam should be turned on and smile!

2 – Be different and fun by wearing cloths, or a make up or an another cam friend while cam chat.

SpinCamChat.com is moderated constantly by the Starfleet Command. When you don’t respect the rules on the cam chat which include having a nice time, you WILL get banned UNLIMITED days and you cant chat for free.